Welcome to Refer

A decentralized venture scout network

What Is Refer

An open club for entrepreneurship enthusiasts


Our mission at Refer is to tap into personal networks across the country to find more undiscovered founders. We at KnowCap built this product to crack open the opaque nature of venture scouting and allow anyone to send ambitious people with interesting ideas into our knowledge capital investment framework.


The vision for Refer is simple. Make it so that anyone, anywhere has the opportunity to leverage their passion for entrepreneurship into making money and developing as an investor.

If you love startups like we do, you'll love Refer.

Why Refer?


Come on now. We are all in this together and we want as many people as possible on this journey.


We don't care what school you went with or where you work. Only that you believe in what you're scouting.

Deep Pockets

Hahaha we didn't start with deep pockets and we know how backwards the industry is.

We don't care about any of the traditional methods. Let's be different, together.

Getting Paid

We'll pay you to be part of our Scout Club.

Choose an option.


You receive a check from us when we receive profits from an investment.



You get a percent of our carry when receive profits from an investment.


When our founders succeed, we succeed.

When we succeed, you succeed.

Our Kind Of Founders

We are looking for all different types of entrepreneurs, from every kind of background.

If they have an idea, we want to help them build it.

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Ready to Refer?

Plug Us On Social

By taking this route means you'll be sharing us on your social accounts.

Just make sure that anyone who applies for an investment mentions that you referred them.

Go Direct

To go direct, you just need to give us some basic info on the founder and their idea.

Fill out this form and we'll take care of the rest. Like a bit of magic.

Intro Us

Give us a little info on yourself with this form.

We'll send you a forwardable email to send over to your founder. This way YOU own the relationship